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      We are a medium-sized manufacturing and trading company with the advantageous location in Central Europe. Our main activity is the manufacture of wire and wire products. Our goal is to become one of the leading manufacturers in Europe. We are providing top quality products and are constantly improving. An interest in occupational safety, concern for employee satisfaction, environmental protection and maintaining good relationships with our partners are of the great importance to us.

      Our priority are the top quality products delivered with an above-standard service and permanent improvement of products reflecting the increasing requirements of our customers. An interest in occupational safety, care for employee satisfaction, environmental protection and maintaining good relations with our partners are also of great importance to us.

      The company is certified according to the standards of ISO 9000 and system of environmental protection control according to standards of ISO 14000 series. Both control systems are integrated. Recently we have undergone the certification of Occupational Health and Safety according to OHSAS 18001. We focus on education and improving the qualification of our employees.

      Our production programme includes wires without surface finish (i.e., bare wires) and wires with surface finish, round cross-section wires, square and rectangular cross-section wires. The wires have various carbon content depending on their use. Our company supplies to the automobile industry, construction, engineering and metal manufacturing industry, including wires for special use.

      Company invests in modern technology of a leading technical level which ensures high productivity, safe working and better environmental protection. In 2013 we finished the construction part of the most recent stage of completion of the plant, and in 2015 we completed investments in technological equipment.

      In the years to come we want to modernise older production equipment, in particular with the aim of even better product quality and with a positive impact on the environment.

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KERN s.r.o.  
Třinec – Konská čp.741, 739 61 Třinec 
CZ 25860984
300 000 EUR