Code of Conduct for Suppliers of KERN s.r.o.

Social responsibility and adherence to their principles is one of key elements of the values of the KERN s.r.o. This Code of Conduct for Suppliers of the KERN s.r.o. expresses basic rules of conduct of the Suppliers in the following areas for fulfilling the principles of social responsibility and sustainable supply chain.

Compliance with Laws, Rules, and Legal Requirements

  • The Supplier will comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations in the countries in which it operates and will maintain suitable measures to ensure compliance with such a laws, rules, and legal regulations.
  • The Supplier fulfils its contractual obligations by fair means.
  • The Supplier conducts its business and other activities in accordance with ethical principles, including principles of fair trade and fair competition.

Social Responsibility

  • The Supplier respects and supports the principles of social responsibility, performs its business and other activities, and behaves as a socially responsible company.
  • The Supplier effectively seeks, in its business and other activities, to prevent their adverse effects on the regions in which the Supplier acts, their inhabitants, and the environment.
  • The Supplier effectively seeks, in its business and other activities, to contribute to the development of the regions in which the Supplier acts, and their inhabitants, and to protection and improvement of the environment.
  • The Supplier takes care of its good business name and credibility through its properly performed business and other activities, the proper fulfilment of its obligations and its transparency.
  • The Supplier advocates established relationship with its business partners, public authorities, employees, and the public based on mutual respect and confidence in fair dealing.
  • The Supplier ensures that the principles of social responsibility and this Code of Conduct for KERN Suppliers are observed by its business partners.

Good Working Conditions and Human Rights

  • The Supplier respects the prohibition of child labor.
  • The Supplier employs only persons who meet the legal conditions and only in accordance with legal regulations, does not use any form of illegal work, including forced or compulsory work.
  • The Supplier respects the rights of its employees to associate and bargain collectively.
  • The Supplier respects working hours and sufficient resting period.
  • The Supplier duly remunerates its employees and provides him with allowances for work at night, on weekends and holidays, for overtime work and other extra payment in accordance with legal regulations.
  • The Supplier rejects any form of discrimination, including but not limited to, nationality, ethnicity, gender, disability, age, sexual identity or sexual orientation, religion and beliefs, social status, or any racially motivated discrimination.
  • The Supplier constantly ensures that its employees are constantly acquainted with the principles of social responsibility and are guided to comply with them.

Minerals from Conflict Affected and High-Risk Areas

  • Th Supplier commits to support due diligence and traceability throughout its supply chains for all minerals.
  • The Supplier is aware of applicable legal requirements in relation to minerals from conflict-affected and high-risk areas and ensure compliance with such laws, in line with OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas.

Whistle-Blowing Policy

  • The Supplier enables his employees and other persons to practice whistleblowing, make queries and complaints.
  • The Supplier deals thoroughly with all reports, queries and complaints and resolves them and uses them for taking the appropriate action.
  • The Supplier guarantees, in accordance with legal regulations, the protection of these employees and other persons against retaliation.

Occupational Health and Safety

  • The Supplier is committed to manufacture and deliver safe products to KERN s.r.o. and provide a safe, healthy, and ergonomic working environment that supports accident prevention and minimizes exposure to health risks to Supplier’s employees and contractors.
  • The Supplier processes, systematically evaluates and updates the risks of potential health damage at work and takes measures to eliminate them.
  • The Supplier educates its employees and trains them for safe work and health protection.
  • The Supplier provides its employees with personal protective equipment.


  • The Supplier applies a zero tolerance for corruption.
  • The Supplier consistently manages its employees and strictly requires them to refrain from any corrupt practices; no one way, in connection with performance of work for, on behalf of or in connection with the Supplier, demand or accept any performance in exchange for or promise to provide any benefit, nor offer or provide such performance; any corrupt practices will be subject to strict disciplinary action.

Business Information and Intellectual Property

  • The Supplier ensures that any sensitive business information or trade secrets gained by virtue of the business activities with KERN s.r.o. is held in strict confidence and not improperly used or disclosed to third parties.
  • The Supplier advocates a free, honest, and fair competition; does not do anything to distort such competition.
  • The Supplier respects intellectual property rights, maintains confidentiality of trade secrets and other confidential information.
  • The Supplier shall avoid conflicts of interest and situations that may give rise to suspected conflicts.
  • The Supplier manages and processes the personal data of employees, as well as all other persons, whose personal data have been provided, only in accordance with legal regulations.


  • Environmental protection is an essential part of the Supplier’s business and other activities.
  • The Supplier actively approaches to the reduction of the impact of its business and other activities on the environment.
  • The Supplier takes care of the thrifty and reasonable use of natural resources (for example water, energy source and raw materials).
  • The Supplier develops, uses, and supplies customers with its products and other services in such way as to limit their negative impact on the environment, including energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • When dealing with waste, the Supplier prioritizes its recycling and closed water circuit systems and industrial wastewater treatment plants; establishes and implements chemical and energy management; gradually reduces emissions of pollutants into water and air; strives to achieve carbon neutrality.

In Třinec, 29th August 2023                                                                           Ing. Jiří Kuldánek – CEO