Integrated management system policy of KERN s.r.o.

I.    Quality management system

KERN s.r.o. is developing manufacturing company with latest modern technology, with high ambitions in the wire market, applying an integrated management system. Quality is our fundamental prerequisite for the realization of goals and fundamental values.

Quality policy goal is to respect of customer´s needs within development, production and sale of entire range of our products and services while the quality is continuously improved without exceeding material, financial or human resources. 

From long-term view it is requested to reach state in quality management system where, on the on hand, the customer needs are satisfied and, on the other hand, while ensuring previous condition, the company prosperity is achieved. 

Reaching of customer satisfaction with quality of our products is our main priority. 

The company comes out from context of organization for securing above mentioned goals. Company determined internal and external aspects (factors, which can have impact on quality of provided products and services including impact on the environment) and interested parties, which are relevant for company purpose and ability to reach intended results in quality system management. 

Management KERN s.r.o. wants to achieve in quality area the following intentions: 


  • That customer, thanks to the quality of deliveries, organization and activities by which our company manifests itself towards its surroundings, achieves and maintains conviction, that KERN s.r.o. is capable to supply products and provide services in the required quality, at reasonable price, in the agreed quantity and at the right time
  • Supply customer with products at a place designated by him, maintain and, in specific cases, to increase the agreed quality at optimal production costs
  • By increasing of quality level to expand into new markets with new products 

To achieve above mentioned intentions is the management of company committed: 

  • To secure of necessary personal, financial material and information resources for upkeep and develop quality management system
  • To secure of necessary trainings in quality assurance area and to create on between all teammates the connection, which is based on honesty, trust, cooperation during solving of problems.
  • To continuously increase quality management system effectiveness, by using of this quality policy, quality objectives, audit reports, data analysis, countermeasures, preventive countermeasures and management system review by company management
  • To develop these intentions and commitments into specific quality objectives and subsequent tasks
  • To maintain and develop certified quality management system according to requirements of standard ISO 9001

From employees the company management expects:

  • Identification with quality policy and active participation during realization of quality policy and quality objectives
  • Compliance with all management system standards, by which is the quality system determined
  • Active participation in educative activities from quality field
  • Active participation in continuous improvement of quality management system 
  • Compliance with all safety regulations and keeping the workplace clean

II.    Environmental management system  

Fundamental starting point of environmental policy of KERN s.r.o. is sustainable development, which means our responsibility for preservation and handover of fundamental values of life to the future generations 
The company is committing to comply with applicable legislation of Czech Republic and other requirements, by which is bound in protection of environment. Company effort is continuous decreasing of negative influence in environmental area as well as care for the appearance and cleanness of the company and thereby permanent condition improvement. 

Through the environmental policy the company is committed to implement following principles:

  • All employees have a duty to minimalize impact to environment during production and all other activities. 
  • The management of company is committed to continuous improving of environmental management system and to prevention of environmental pollution. To do that they use all available knowledges from field of production technology and environment protection. They secure necessary financial, personal, material and information resources for keeping and maintaining of environmental management system. 
  • The management of company is committed to meet obligations of valid laws and orders for environment protection. The management of company creates conditions for all employees to achieving of these requirements.
  • To implement this policy, the company’s management sets environmental objectives, target values and related tasks.  The objectives are always approved for one calendar year and their implementation is regularly checked by company management. KERN s.r.o. regularly analyses the environmental aspects (EA) and identifies significant EA, which are solved by organizational and investment way. 
  • The management of company realizes environmental policy with using of technical and organizational measures and processes.  All employees are involved in realization of environmental policy. All measures and processes of environmental management system are documented. The management of company secures training of employees in environmental area. 
  • Environmental policy of KERN s.r.o. is a part of integrated management system policy and is printed and posted on in workplace as well as on the website. Other persons or legal entities have access to policy through the web

III.    Occupational health and safety management system  

The management of KERN s.r.o. in accordance with strategic intentions and goals of the company and as an expression of responsibility for safety work and health at work, including fire protection (hereinafter “OSH”) it announces this OHS policy, in which undertakes: 

  • Protect health of all company employees and all other persons by observing and continuous improvement of conditions for safety, safe and non-hazardous work environment and work so that safety risks arising from the nature and scope of company’s activities, processes, products and services are managed and minimized;
  • Reduce the risk of accidents, incidents and damage, to property in the course of all activities, with emphasis on prevention and thorough investigation of the causes and taking effective countermeasures to eliminate or reduce them; 
  • Apply safety aspects already in the design of new technologies, and all activities, processes, workplaces, etc., apply and systematically develop preventive measures in the given operating conditions; 
  • Maintain a safe and serviceable condition of transport, handling, production and other means, meeting the requirements of legal regulations, standards and manufacturer’s instructions;
  • With an emphasis on prevention and reduction of risks, set goals and programs for health and safety management in order to continuously improve the health and safety management system and to minimize the risk of occupational accidents and diseases, review and evaluate their implementation; 
  • Manage the company’s activities so that all relevant requirements of applicable provisions of laws, regulations, decrees and other obligations in the field of occupational safety and health are met, including the requirements of other interested parties; 
  • Co-operate in the field of health and safety with employees, authorities and public and base this co-operation on the continuous exchange of information to understand health and safety policy, accepted goals and results of implementation of health and safety programs and rapid response to suggestions; 
  • In contacts with customers and partners of the company, respect, support and promote approaches that increase the level of health and safety;
  • Apply a system approach and ensure that the same level of safety and health requirements are applied to suppliers and their employees, including temporary workers, and give priority to those contractors who apply same principles; 
  • Provide the necessary resources, skills and finances to finance occupational safety and health activities and direct them appropriately according to the acceptability/severity of the risk. In case of urgency, ensure prompt correction of identified deficiencies; 
  • Use the system of education and training of the company’s employees to increase their awareness and knowledge in the field of occupational safety and health; 
  • To support and motivate all employees to strengthen their responsibility for their own safety, the protection of the health of others, the protection of the company’s property and for safety in the company’s premises and locations; 
  • At the management level and with the participation of the employee representative, systematically asses the fulfilment of the principles and overall effectiveness of the health and safety policy and the developed health and safety objectives within the framework of regular review by management; 
  • On the basis of the results of the review of the health and safety management system by management, continuously improve the performance of health and safety management, to ensure its constant suitability, adequacy and effectiveness. The established principles of the health and safety policy are valid for all employees who the company’s management expects to actively contribute to the continuous fulfilment of the principles of the announced health and safety policy and implementation and fulfilment of related goals within their competencies and responsibilities for continuous improvement of occupational safety and health. 

This integrated policy of the company’s management systems is publicly accessible document, binding on all employees of the company. It is communicated at all levels of the organization. Comments on it and suggestions for its updating are accepted by the Project Manager. The company’s management is responsible for its implementation, understanding and maintenance at all levels of the organization.  

        Revision date 3rd January 2023                                                                                                                                                          CEO
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Ing. Jiří Kuldánek